Chimney Sweep Services at KC Chimney Sweep

Welcome to KC Chimney Sweep Services, where our qualified, friendly, and reliable chimney sweeps are dedicated to keeping your chimney clean and your home safe. We use a combination of brush and vacuum techniques to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Here's what you can expect from our services:

We Cover the whole Yorkshire region

Before Your Appointment

Before our chimney sweeps arrive, please consider the following:

  • Clear the Surrounding Area: Remove any items around the mantelpiece and hearth, as well as any unburnt fuel within the fireplace/stove.

  • Ensure the Fire is Cold: For safety reasons, please ensure that your appliance has not been used for 24 hours before our visit, as we cannot sweep a warm fireplace/stove.

  • Preparation for Soot Retention: We use heavy-duty dust sheets and soot cloths to retain the soot and protect the surrounding area. We would still recommend removing any valuable items within close proximity to the appliance.

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Appointment Considerations

When an appointment is confirmed, our chimney sweeps allocate time and travel to your property. If, for any reason, work cannot be undertaken, a fee may be charged to cover time and fuel expenses.